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Organized Sessions

Organized Sessions: テキスト

Biomedical Mechatronic Systems

Keywords: Science and technologies on mechatronic systems for biomedical application

Session organizers:

Prof. K. Masamune (Tokyo Women’s Medical University)
Prof. Frank E. Talke (University of California San Diego)
Prof. M. Tanaka    (Tohoku University)
Dr. T. Okuyama (Tohoku University)
Dr. K. Kuwana (Tokyo Denki University)
Prof. K. Sagawa    (Hirosaki University)
Prof. M. Morita    (Yamaguchi University)
Prof. Jia-Yang Juang (NTU, Taiwan)

Dr. Jing He (University of Pittsburgh)

Dr. Andrey Ovcharenko  (Western Digital)

Keynote Speech:


Organized Sessions: テキスト

Mechatronics and Tribology of Information Storage Systems

Keywords: Head-media interface tribology, magnetic head technology, energy assisted magentic recording, dynamics and servo control of magnetic recording

Session organizers:

Prof. H. Matsuoka (Tottori University)

Dr.  Tan Trinh (Western Digital Corporation)
Prof. H. Zhang (Nagoya University)
Dr. J. Xu (Western Digital)
Dr. T. Arisaka (Hitachi academy)
Prof. S. Koganezawa (Kansai University)
Prof. H. Tani (Kansai University)
Dr. K. Sonoda (Toshiba Device&Storage)
Prof. T. Hirayama (Kyoto University)
Dr. Y. Sakane (MORESCO)
Dr. T. Eguchi (Western Digital)
Prof. M. Ochiai    (Tokai University)
Dr. M. Hanya (NHK Spring)
Dr. T. Yamaguchi (RICOH)
Prof. T. Atsumi (Chiba Institute of Technology)
Prof. M. Hirata    (Utsunomiya University)
Dr. S. Yabui (Nagoya University)
Dr. Murthy Peri (Seagate Corporation)

Dr. Qilong Chen (UC Berkeley)

Prof. Ming Feng (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)

Dr. Siddhesh.Sakhalkar (Western Digital)

Keynote Speech:

Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording: The Golden Era in Tribology

Dr. Qing Dai (Western Digital Corporation)

Organized Sessions: テキスト

Science and Technology of Flexible Media Handling and Printable/Wearable Devices

Flexible media dynamics and control, Roll to roll printing, Nano-imprint, Printable electronics, Coating and drying technology, Surface wetting phenomena, Laser microfabrication, Tribology for soft and flexible material handling, Flexible and Wearable devices, and Copy machines, printers, scanners, office automation equipment

Session organizers:

Prof. K. Yoshida (Sanyo-Onoda City University)
Prof. J. Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

Dr. U. Sunami (Tokai University)
Prof. M. Watanabe (Aoyama-Gakuin University)
Dr. H. Ueki (Ricoh Cooporation)
Dr. K. Nomura (AIST)
Dr. S. Itoh (Nagoya University)
Dr. Y. Matsuda (Waseda University)
Dr. K. Seki (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Dr. S. Maegawa    (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Dr. S. Yokoyama    (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Dr. I. Kinefuchi (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. M. Mizoshiri (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Dr. Y. Kusaka (AIST)
Prof. Wan-Chin Kim (Hanbat National University, Korea)

Prof. Yuan Ma (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Keynote Speech:

Introduction of R2R printing technology for submicron resolution electrodes and applied devices


Organized Sessions: テキスト

Mechanical Systems of Consumer Electronics and Optical Imaging Devices

Consumer electrics devices and systems, optical imaging systems and sensing devices detecting optical information, optomechatronic systems based on imaging and sensing devices, and interactive devices in Human-Machine Interface, etc.

Session organizers:

Dr. T. Arisaka (Hitachi Academy) 

Dr. H Ohno (Toshiba)

Dr. J. Hashizume (Hitachi)

Prof. Paul C.-P. Chao (NCTU, Taiwan)

Prof. Yuan Ma (TAMU, USA)

Prof. Wan-Chin Kim (Hanbat National University, Korea)
Prof. No-Cheol Park (Yonsei University, Korea)

Keynote Speech:


Organized Sessions: テキスト

Machine Learning and Intelligent Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems with artificial intelligence using big data and machine learning etc.

Session organizers:

Prof. H. Igarashi (Tokyo Denki University)

Dr. Qian Zhong (Western Digital Corporation)

Prof. A. Matsumoto (Toyo University)
Prof. M. Ohka (Nagoya University)
Prof. Minghui Zheng (University at Buffalo)

Prof. Genci Capi (Hosei University)

Prof. Hiraku Komura (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Dr. Yoshiaki Hayashi (Saga University)
Prof. Minghui Zheng    University at Buffalo, USA
Dr. Shaomin Xiong     Western Digital Corporation, USA
Prof. J. Chang    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Keynote Speech:

Edge and endpoint intelligence: smart video

Dr. Shaomin Xiong (Western Digital)

Intelligent Assistive Robots Operating in Human Environments: Directions and Challenges

Prof. Genci Capi (Hosei University)

Organized Sessions: テキスト


Dynamics and control for engineering fields including robots, mechatronics, medical devices, human integrated systems,  unmaned vehicles, etc.

Session organizers:

Prof. K. Kiguchi (Kyusyu University)
Prof. Jia-Yang Juang (NTU, Taiwan)
Dr. S. Nishikawa (Kyushu University)

Prof. Y. Hasegawa (Nagoya University)

Prof. Y. Hirata (Tohoku University)

Prof. T. Tanaka (Hokkaido University)
Dr. H. Mu Western (Digital Corporation)

Dr. Guuoxiao Guo (Western Digital Corporation, USA)
Prof. J. Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Prof. Kyoung-Su Park (Gachon University)

Keynote Speech:

Human-Machine Interface for Intuitive Control and Embodiment of Robotic Finger

Prof. Yasuhisa Hasegawa (Nagoya University)

Organized Sessions: テキスト

Micro/Nano Mechanical Systems

Micro/nano mechatoronic systems, smart sensors and actuators

Session organizers:

Prof. G. Hashiguchi (Shizuoka University)
Prof. Ja Choon Koo (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Prof. I.Kanno (Kobe University)
Prof. H.Toshiyoshi (The University of Tokyo)
Prof. T.Suzuki (Gunma University)

Prof. T. Tsuchiya (Kyoto University)

Dr. K. Nakazawa (Shizuoka University)
Prof. J. Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

Dr. Yuan Ma    TAMU, USA
Prof. Kyoung-Su Park    Gachon University

Keynote Speech:

Controlling thermal radiation in micro and nanosystems

Prof. Sebastian Volz (CNRS Research Director, LIMMS, Director, The University of Tokyo)

Organized Sessions: テキスト

Micro/Nano System Science and Technology

Keywords: Mechanical and/or material science and engineering for micro/nano devices, precision machines, displays, energy recycle, material characteristics control, and smart material applied system, including micro/nanotribology, high precision measurement, control, and machining, surface/inteface control

Session organizers:

Prof. K. Fukuzawa (Nagoya University)
Dr. Haoyuan Mu (Western Digital Corporation)

Dr. K. Suzuki (Kogakuin University)
Dr. T. Tokoroyama (Nagoya University)
Dr. K. Shirai (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Prof. S. Umezu (Waseda University)
Prof. Y. Ando (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Prof. M. Hirano (Hosei University)

Prof. N. Sasaki (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)

Prof. Yuki Shimizu (Hokkaido University)

Prof. Ming Ma (Tsinghua University, China)
Prof. Kyoung-Su Park (Gachon University)

Prof. Yonggang Meng (Tsinghua University)

Keynote Speech:

Tribology of molecularly-thin liquid films studied using the surface forces apparatus: a brief review

Dr. Shinji Yamada (Kao Corporation)

Organized Sessions: テキスト

Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering

Keywords: Advanced computational simulations in engineering fields of mechanics, electro-mechanics, and electronics and simulation methods and optimization methods

Session organizers:

Prof. H. Washizu (University of Hyogo)
Dr. Robert Smith (Western Digital Corporation)
Prof. K. Tanaka    (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Dr. T. Onodera (ENEOS)
Dr. S. Kajita (Toyota Central R&D Labs.)

Prof. H. Zhang (Nagoya University)

Prof. William W.F. Chong

Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez Mendez (SAE, USA)
Dr. Rahul Rai (Western Digital Corporation, USA)

Prof. Yonggang Meng (Tsinghua University)

Keynote speech:

Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations by Supercomputer Give Paradigm Shifts on Theoretical Research on Tribology

Prof. Momoji Kubo (Tohoku Univeristy)

Organized Sessions: テキスト

IoT and Smart Maintenance

Keywords: IoT technologies for information, intelligence and precision systems, and Maintenance, Maintenance and reliability enhancement for infrastructure, Energy harvesters for IoT

Session organizers:

Prof. H. Tani Kansai University
Dr. Shaomin Xiong Western Digital Corporation

Prof. A. Masuda    (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Prof. G. Hashiguchi (Shizuoka University)
Prof. I.Kanno (Kobe University)
Prof. S. Koganezawa (Kansai University)
Dr. Y. Tomizawa    (Toshiba)
Dr. Aravind Murthy (Western Digital Corporation)

Dr. Yuan Ma    (TAMU, USA)
Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez Mendez (SAE, USA)
Dr. Haoyuan Mu (Western Digital Corporation, USA)

Keynote speech:

MEMS Electret Energy Harvester for IoT Sensors

Prof. Hiroshi Toshiyoshi (THe University of Tokyo)

Organized Sessions: テキスト
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